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Coversites Security is your perfect subcontract partner for work you are unable to cover. We have a database of highly trained Security Officers all over UK. You’ll get SITO trained subcontract security guards sent anywhere when required at any one time.

Our realistic pricing structure results in customers being charged reasonable rates and receiving a first class level of service.

We have provided security officers to council schools, NHS Hospitals, multistory car parks, Office blocks etc We are a unique security officer recruitment and security guard company which also provides subcontract guard services. Additionally the screening of applicants for security officers’ positions goes beyond BS 7858.

We have highly trained Security Officers who will provide precisely the right personnel skills to match the security needs of each individual business. Our subcontract guards are available on a short term or long term contract at competitive rates. We have testimonials from Managers of Major Security companies on how good our Officers are.


QBE Insurance Group Ltd insures Coversites Security .


Construction companies often need security to cover the sites at weekends and during the night when they are off duty.

This service is often used as expensive equipment on site like diggers, tractors, tools etc. need to be protected and can be an expensive affair if they are stolen. The presence of security is also utilised on site to stop tippers and vandals vandalising the site.

As an added bonus construction companies insurance can dramatically be reduced by the utilisation of security guards. I therefore conclude that security is an essential part of these projects and should be greatly considered.

Gateman can be used to operate the main gate/barrier on site. This ensures that only authorised persons will be able to gain access stopping theft and other related crimes occurring on site.


We provide security guards to warehouses which need to be secured. Our guards will Mann the reception area and perform regular checks of the building. Guards are provided with key passes and alarm codes in order to deactivate and re-activate alarms when necessary. Guards are also required in the retail industry too. Guards can be used to guard the front of house, back of house, store rooms and many other key areas.

Guarding can be used to deter shop lifters saving a firm thousands in the future. Many petrol stations and retail outlets will benefit from our services in place.


We have also invested heavily in fully trained security dogs that can be requested and be brought on to a specified site at any time. This more intense form of security is ideal in trouble spot areas. Petty thieves and trouble makers will be easily deterred by the presence of a security dog. Here at Coversite we recognise the need for specialised trained dog handlers to cope with any situation.

Mobile patrol is sometimes requested to enforce a security presence on site. Our trained security drivers will randomly visit specified sites periodically in line with your requirements. We can visit sites a number of times throughout the day and night. The number of visits varies depending on the site itself. This is assessed by one of our Management team taking into account the potential risk a site has of a breaking occurring. Security boards will also be situated around the site enforcing our presence once again.


Security is usually required in company business centres and reception areas. This is to ensure that all employees and people entering the building have authorised passes.

This in turn stops intruders entering unauthorised places. A supervised log in entry system improves the overall running of a building.


A key holding facility is also in place here at Coversite ltd. We are able to hold keys for companies and have all certified insurances in place covering theft and loss.

Keys can be held for all types of varying reasons, the most common reason being for alarm de-activation. Telephone lines can be automatically directed to our control room in the event of an alarm being activated.

An emergency quick response patrolman will then be sent to the site to resolve the problem. Our patrolman will then not leave the site until everything is in order ensuring that the first point of contact is contacted and there has been no attempt of a breaking or fire hazard.


Security is also important in the organisation of a special event. Our security guards have covered various occasions including parties, road shows, church gatherings and boot sales etc.

Our security company also provides a service offering specialised security to well known establishments including hospitals and hotels.


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